Wisdom Philosophy
Wisdom Philosophy

Jiddu Krishnamurthi

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The quality of aloneness is a state of the complete, awakened mind.

From Public Talk 9, Paris, 24 September 1961

We are not educating students holistically, both psychologically and outwardly – it is all in the world of technology, the world of specialisation, the world of achievement: ‘Get on, be a success.’ We neglect the psychological aspect of life.

From an Interview Robert Davies, Washington DC, 16 April 1985

Play with death

You can play with life but you cannot play with death – it is there and you are gone.

Not that there is a life hereafter – that becomes so unimportant. Besides, if you believe in life hereafter, you don’t really mean it at all.

If you meant it, you would, on the instant, change everything in your life, because you would believe in karma. You say you will pay for it: what you sow you will reap. You don’t believe any of that nonsense because if you really felt it, if you really were aware of that fact, you wouldn’t tolerate one minute the ugliness of your own mind and hearts, and the envies, cruelties and brutality.

You would change. You would mutate immediately. So your belief has no value at all.

From Public Talk 7, Madras (Chennai), 13 December 1961