Public Talk 1 December 1969

The brain is conditioned to save itself, to safeguard itself, to live in safety, because if it has no protection, if it is not secure, it cannot function. It can function neurotically, it can function contradictorily, and therefore in conflict. Where there is conflict, there is no security. So the brain, needing security, seeks it in the very conflict it has created for itself. It seeks it in neurotic habits, in beliefs, in dogmas, in formulas, in ideals, in which it thinks it has security. But by observing it, you see that there is no security in any of them. You discover there is no security in the idea of God, in the idea of a perfect state, in relationship between one another, in belief, in dogma, in knowledge, in experience, and so on. There is no security. Therefore the truth of insecurity comes to it, and the truth of insecurity gives it security.