Religion actually means...

Ringing a bell and kneeling, genuflecting and all the rest of it, is not religion, that is not the religious spirit at all. Religion actually means being diligent in your action, in your thinking, in your way of living, to be diligent, which implies that your conduct, how you behave to another, the way you talk, your gestures, the whole state of your consciousness, and the understanding of your own life – not according to a philosopher, psychologist or priest, but your own life – which is in a turmoil, in a mess, in disorder. It is the understanding of all that diligently, and bringing about a radical change in that confusion, which means bringing about order. That is more important, far more essential than all the rituals, prayers and candles, which are all totally irrelevant.

from Interview 2 with Gary Null in Brockwood Park, 17 October 1980

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