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  • Eternal Wisdom

    Eternal Wisdom

    Schrodinger on Upanishads According to the Upanishads, Brahman on my own exists. Everything we see around us is Maya, a distortion of the Brahman induced because of our lack of knowledge and imperfect senses. The Chandogya Upanishad says, “All that is Brahman. Everything comes from Brahman, the entirety is going returned to Brahman, and the…

  • Rumi’s Quotes

    Rumi’s Quotes

    So powerful words and ultimate facts of life. It takes us to different world altogether.

  • Why Is There Evil in the World?

    Why Is There Evil in the World?

    Rupert explains that consciousness can only know form through the localised or limited perspective of an apparently separate subject of experience, the finite mind. But the finite mind doesn’t realise that it is only a temporary localisation or an apparent limitation of infinite consciousness — it believes that it is a self-existing finite mind —…